Grab Your Audience’s Attention with Powerful Presentations

Welcome to Presentation Power-Up Plus 💪, the advanced course designed to take your presentation skills to the next level.

Most of us already know how to create a basic presentation.

But what about when you need to deliver a presentation that really stands out and gets results?

That’s where the Power-Up Plus 💪 course comes in. In this course, we’ll explore advanced techniques and frameworks to help you create professional-looking presentations that get noticed.


  • Master advanced presentation techniques and frameworks to create compelling presentations
  • Learn how to deliver a presentation with impact and captivate your audience
  • Gain confidence in your presentation skills and achieve your desired outcomes
  • Receive personalized feedback and coaching from our expert instructors

Course Outline.

The Presentation Power-Up Plus 💪 course is delivered in-person or as a live virtual training held over 3 days. The course walks participants through the Plan-Build-Share Model©️ for creating presentations which include a combination of lectures, tools, practical assignments and instructor-led feedback.

Each day participants will receive:

  • 2hrs of Lectures (theory and learning)
  • Tools and templates per topic to fast-track practical application
  • 1hr Practice Assignments (to embed concepts and tools)
  • 1hr Guidance and Review (personalised feedback to guide progress)

The 4hr training session is specifically designed to allow participants to return to their daily operational tasks for the remainder of the workday – we know that the real world does not stand still 🤓

Detailed Agenda.

Day 1️⃣: Plan Your Content

  • Learn how to structure your presentations for maximum impact
  • Master the art of storytelling to engage your audience
  • Uncover what makes a compelling presentation and dispel common myths

Day 2️⃣: Build The Slides

  • Learn how to build slides in PowerPoint using advanced templating
  • Finding inspiration and tapping into your creativity
  • Foundations of applied design for non-designers

Day 3️⃣: Share The Idea

  • Mastering Delivery Techniques through effective rehearsal
  • Use body language and vocal techniques to convey confidence and authority
  • Learn and apply the review and feedback process to continuously improve

💡Please Note: Custom Topics such as: Training Material Development, Creating Pitch Decks and Storytelling with Data can be included in a customised version of the course tailored for your organisation

Ready to take your presentation skills to the next level?

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Here are some testimonials from our satisfied customers:

“This course has added incredible value to the knowledge base of our post-graduate students and faculty.”

— Dr. Gaathier Mahed, Senior Lecturer at Nelson Mandela University

“You have really opened our eyes to the great things we can do with PowerPoint as well as being an excellent instructor throughout the entire training.”

— Kamohelo Mbele, TKR Operations

“This is incredible! You’ve completely changed the way I look at presentations.”

— Rameez Hanslo, Futurist at Exxaro Resources Limited


  • Early bird price: ZAR 9,999 (valid for the first 50 sign-ups)
  • Regular price: ZAR 14,999