3 different ways to transform your image into a shape

I know!?!

You don’t have to be stuck with the default rectangular version that you copied into your slide.

Here are 3 different ways to transform your picture into a shape.

Doughnuts need to be round

Find an image that you want to use and insert it into your slide. Now for the magic πŸ¦„

Option 1: Picture Fill

  • Insert the shape that you want to convert your image into
  • Right-click and Copy the original image, then select the shape and open the Format Pane
  • Under the Fill & Line tab, select Picture or texture fill option and then Clipboard from Picture source
The image is now in the shape, but needs to be altered slightly
  • If your image is a bit off-centre, you can tweak the settings to get it just right
Play around with the look and feel until you are happy with it πŸ‘Œ

Option 2: Crop to Shape

  • Select the image and navigate to the Picture Format tab
  • Select the Crop function dropdown and then Crop to shape
  • The shape may be a bit funny, especially if it’s a circle. You can fix this by returning to the Crop function dropdown and changing the Aspect Ratio. It also allows you to set the position and zoom of the crop
Adjust the shape alignment and zoom until it matches your vision for the crop

Option 3: Shape Merge

  • As in Option 1, insert your desired shape
  • Make sure to send the shape to the back by using the Arrange functions. Then position your image over the shape in roughly the place where you want the crop to take place (make sure your image covers the shape)
  • Select both images, navigate to the Shape Format tab and click the dropdown for Merge Shapes. Use the Intersect option
The Merge Shape function is very cool. Worth a deeper investigation if you have some time
  • You can customise the position by opening the Format Pane and tweaking the crop positioning
Tweak it, baby!

In most cases, I default to Option 1 (Picture Fill) with my next option being the Crop to shape option. However, every now and then the spicier option of Shape Merge makes sense to get that custom look and feel.

Now you can upgrade your images in your next presentation. Good luck 😁

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