New Beginnings

Here we go…


I’ve hit publish on that all important first blog post here on! I’m excited and a bit nervous to be honest.


This site has been an idea of mine for a while now. I tend to think of it as an experiment that will shape the next phase of my life. A place where I can share all the pieces of the puzzle – or layers if you will – that make up me. If you’re familiar with my first site then you’ll know I’ve been blogging for a few years now and it’s been fun sharing the journey from couch potato to finding my passion for mountain running and the trail running community here in South Africa.


However, this site is quite different as it gives me an opportunity to share the other side(s) of me… I always hated the terms “influencer” and “niche” which seemed to follow me around on This site is exactly as the URL suggests… all about me and I plan to share stuff that is on my mind. I am a real human being and not a fucking niche.


It’s usually funny when people see me walk into running stores in my suit jacket and formal shirt after getting to know me through No, I’m not a 24/7 mountain man although I’d love to be. I have a corporate job, mortgage and I’m actually pretty kak at sports. Imagine living the life of Anton Krupicka and every morning waking up and tagging a peak somewhere and making money doing that.


Hopefully, one day I’ll get there.


I want this site to be a platform where I can share skills, tools and knowledge that I’ve picked up in my career. A place where I can just talk about things on my mind, stories from my past and reflect. I might even try to be more formal in my writing style and not swear as much… I mean I’ll be talking about serious topics like personal development, self-improvement and even sharing stories from my childhood and whatever else interests me.


Who am I kidding.. I’ll probably still swear. Brace yourself.


This journey of life has been pretty real so far and there are a few things on my mind that I need to let out. I want to share my journey and tell the story as I would like to…before someone else comes along and tells their kak version of my truth. Things may get serious, they will most often be lighthearted, but ultimately it’s about being real and telling it like it is.


Hopefully, it will help you on your own personal and professional journey.





4 responses to “New Beginnings”

  1. Nick G Avatar
    Nick G

    This is awesome man. Looking forward to seeing things unfold. All the best for the venture.

    1. fareed Avatar

      Thank you so much brother! Getting it all in place and hoping to add value

  2. Malik Avatar

    Should be good for your body, mind, spirit and soul 👌 #catharsis #cathartic🔥

    1. fareed Avatar

      Definitely bro. Already has been 🙂

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