Set up your PowerPoint workspace like a pro

One of the quickest ways to generate an immediate increase in your PowerPoint efficiency is to set up your workspace.

I have 2 changes that I apply whenever working on a new machine that I can’t live without. Let me show you how you can apply these to your set-up as well:

Step 1: Show the Ruler

Not only does this help with alignment, but also if I apply gridlines or guides to the slide, the ruler is essential for me to see where exactly the slide is split and allows me to build symmetry and balance into the design

  • Click the View tab on the ribbon
  • Select the Ruler checkbox
  • Feel free to also experiment with Gridlines and Guides in your workflow
Enabling the ruler is a quick click away

Step 2: Customise the Quick Access Toolbar

The biggest efficiency gains for me come from the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). I set the QAT with all the common functions that I use when building slides such as Alignment, Distribution and Grouping functions.

  • At the top toolbar, click on the three dots
  • Select More Commands at the bottom of the menu
  • Select All Commands from the Choose Commands from section
  • Select the commands that you use often
Customise the Quick Access Toolbar to save you time and clicks on your most commonly used functions

My QAT includes:

  • All the alignment functions (Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Middle and Centre)
  • Distribute functions (Horizontal and Vertical)
  • Grouping functions (Group and Ungroup)
  • Arrangement Functions (Send to Back and Bring to Front)

💡 Pro-Tip: Windows users have an added feature that allows you to move the QAT to below the ribbon. I highly recommend doing that as it brings your QAT even closer to the workspace.

Happy creating!

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