Uncomfortable conversations with myself

The most traumatic thing that happened to me in 2019 set me on a path of deep reflection and honest evaluation of where life was taking me. In those moments, it seemed like it had all come to a grinding halt and was about to...


Lockdown Update: Staying Alive

It's Day 372 of the lockdown. The sky seemed bluer today. No I didn't see it if that's what you're wondering. I now live vicariously through all my friends' sunset photos on Instagram.   I found myself looking at old photos on my feed and reminiscing about...


Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

I turned 35 today. Another trip around the sun.   It was a good day. A really productive one. Besides cracking out some intense work, I still managed to finish the last few errands on my list, had supper with the family, birthday cake (plus sing song)...


2019: Everything in Balance

From starting side hustles to dealing with depression. It was both amazing and at times a MAJOR fuck up.   2019 started out with a driving obsession to change my situation - mostly referring to where my career had taken me. Midway through 2018 I hit burn...


The Craftsman

What fascinates me most is how my Dad can just look at a project, visualize it and simply start. No sketching, no triple checking calculations and using spreadsheets. Just crafting the image he cooked up in his mind and moulding it into reality.   He comes from...