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  • Improve Your PowerPoint Speed By 20%

    Improve Your PowerPoint Speed By 20%

    In this post I will share: My PowerPoint 4MAT Tool How it works How to install it on your machine My goal is to help you improve your productivity and smash out PowerPoint presentations at least 20% faster. My PowerPoint 4MAT Tool In my world, PowerPoint and slide decks are the best way to communicate. […]

  • Your CVs Biggest Problem Is…

    Your CVs Biggest Problem Is…

    In this post I will share: What makes a CV suck 5 Tips to a sexier CV My badass 1-page CV template   My goal is to help you improve your chances of getting the job that you want and avoiding those common mistakes that hold us back. What makes a CV suck I’ve had […]

  • Bavaria Designated Driver Giveaway

    Bavaria Designated Driver Giveaway

    *This competition is now closed*   I have teamed up with Bavaria to give away a hamper worth R1000 as they celebrate Designated Drivers in South Africa and promote their 0.0% non-alcoholic malt beverages – which are delicious btw 🙂     It’s that time of the year when we go out, get together and […]

  • 2019: Everything in Balance

    2019: Everything in Balance

    From starting side hustles to dealing with depression. It was both amazing and at times a MAJOR fuck up.   2019 started out with a driving obsession to change my situation – mostly referring to where my career had taken me. Midway through 2018 I hit burn out. For the 2 years prior, I’d been […]

  • The Craftsman

    What fascinates me most is how my Dad can just look at a project, visualize it and simply start. No sketching, no triple checking calculations and using spreadsheets. Just crafting the image he cooked up in his mind and moulding it into reality.   He comes from a different generation where having a trade and […]

  • New Beginnings

    Here we go…   I’ve hit publish on that all important first blog post here on fareedbehardien.com! I’m excited and a bit nervous to be honest.   This site has been an idea of mine for a while now. I tend to think of it as an experiment that will shape the next phase of […]